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Make more effective hiring decisions in less time — all while keeping costs down. Manpower and our unique HR services can help you do it. We offer:

Direct Hire PLUS. Quickly and accurately locate the right new hires by utilizing our proven recruiting, assessment and selection processes.

Assessment Services. Select the right people for your company with our insightful tools and services. We'll help you select the appropriate tests, and can even administer and score them.  

Web Prescreening.  Zero-in on your top candidates instantly with NetSelect online prescreening questionnaires. Customized to your specific job requirements, it rates and ranks each candidate's response.

Behavioral Interviewing. Ensure that candidates have the skills and personality traits necessary to succeed in your position/work environment. We can create a customized interview guide and can also conduct the interviews.

Internet Employee Referral Program. Streamline and automate your employee referral process. Decrease hiring costs while increasing applicant quality and improving employee satisfaction. TeamRewardsTM is the key.

On-Site Management. Spend more time focusing on your core business. We can provide dedicated, on-site staff to handle recruitment, selection, scheduling, discipline, coaching, performance reviews, motivation and incentive programs for our employees.

Outplacement Services. Communicate the value you have for your employees, even in the face of downsizing. We can customize an efficient, economical solution to provide career transition assistance.

HR Consulting. Explore other opportunities to create efficiencies within your company. We offer consulting services, including research and diagnostics, talent architecture, organizational performance, branding and communication, and HR consulting through our independent operating division.

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